How can I reach the El Niño office in The Hague?

Arriving by car?

It's easiest to park in Q-Park Laakhaven. From the Q-Park it's a 5-minute walk to El Niño. When you leave Q-Park, turn left onto Rijswijkseweg. After about 100 meters, turn left again, onto Waldorpstraat. Go past the main entrance of The Globe. When you turn right around the corner of the building you go up the big stairs to "Urban Offices". At the reception desk you can call us. We’re on the 5th floor. We’ll let you in through the sliding glass doors and you can take the elevator to the 5th floor.

Arriving by public transportation?

From Hollands Spoor railway station, take the exit towards "Laakhaven". At the back of the station, turn left and walk 100 meters. On the left you see the large white building of The Globe, you also see an unmissable staircase to "Urban Offices". Here you can call us on the 5th floor so that we can open the sliding glass doors for you!

Help! I can't find you!

No worries! Just call us and we’ll walk you through it :)

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