How can I reach the El Niño office in Enschede?

Arriving by car?

You can park your car behind our building at a private parking lot. To use this parking area, the address for your navigation is: Beltstraat Enschede. Once you reach the Beltstraat you'll pass by the main entrance of the MST Hospital on your right and on your left you'll have Thoma Post JR real estate agent. Immediately after passing the real estate agent on your left you'll see a narrow road going slightly upwards with a barrier at the end. Turn into this road and pass by the rear entrances of the restaurants on your left.

Once you reach the barrier, use the intercom on your left to call us, we'll open the barrier for you remotely. You can then park your car on any free spot. Our rear entrance is located behind the black building (VUE cinema) if you walk towards the opposite side of the barrier you just drove in. When passing the black building you'll see a door at the back on the right side.

At this door there's another intercom which you can call. We'll then open the door for you. Pass the back entrance and walk towards the two elevators slightly on your right. Use the elevators or the stairs on the side of the elevators to go to the second floor.

Arriving by bike?

Take the same route as described for a car. With a bike you can park your bike outside behind the building.

Arriving by public transportation?

From Enschede Central Station take any bus line that has a stop on Van Heekplein in Enschede. Get out of the bus there and walk towards the Sting / Primark. When walking past the big building on your right when walking towards the Sting, you'll see an entrance around the corner on the right, this is our entrance. Use the bell to get inside and use the elevators / stairs to get to the second floor.

Where is your entrance?

We have two entrances. When you arrive by car or bike, you can enter the building via the entrance at the back of the building (behind the big black cube building on the parking lot). We also have an entrance at the front of the building (on the side of the boulevard 1945 / van heekplein). When you have the Primark on your right, the Sting on your left you'll see our building across the street on the corner, the entrance is behind the big wall (some sliding glass doors). Use the bell to get inside and use the elevators / stairs to get to the second floor.

Help! I can't find you!

No worries! Just call us and we’ll walk you through it :)

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