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The client

One of Just Eat Takeaway.com’s (JET) challenges is the recruitment of the delivery couriers (drivers).

The challenge

One of Just Eat Takeaway.com’s (JET) challenges is the recruitment of the delivery couriers (drivers). In most countries, these drivers are recruited and employed by JET.

That is why they were looking for a way to standardize and optimize their recruitment process for these countries. Additionally, this should be done in such a way that applicant data is shared between other software that JET uses.

Our solution

Our solution was to create country-specific landing pages for the countries where Just Eat Takeaway.com (JET) is taking care of the recruitment.

We started in 2019 with only The Netherlands. We wanted to be able to iterate quickly and expand to other countries if necessary, so we chose a well-known tech stack (Laravel + Vue). Currently the recruitment pages are used for over 14 countries (and counting).

Proven tech stack for easy content managment

All the recruitment pages are built with the Laravel framework, combined with a Vue frontend. We chose this stack because it has proven itself as safe, efficient, and modern. On the client-side, Nova is used as an admin panel for Laravel. This setup allows for quick scale up to other countries and cities, and it makes it easy for the client to adjust (content on) pages on their own.

Content can be changed for every country/city by itself. For instance when A/B tests show that users in certain countries want additional information, or when it is necessary for the further recruitment process to add questions to the recruitment form.

Optimized for search engines

In the highly competitive recruitment market, it’s important that prospective couriers find Just Eat Takeaway.com before they find a competitor. That’s why we’re constantly on top of Search Engine Optimization.

What we implemented

  • Server-side processing for most parts of the pages, to improve initial page load times.
  • Caching of the pages to reduce initial load times (in case there are no A/B tests running).
  • Image optimization and lazy loading, also to improve initial load times.
  • Pages are hosted under Just Eat Takeaway.com’s main domains (like thuisbezorgd.nl for The Netherlands), so that the recruitment pages benefit from the main domains’ domain authorities.
  • Google Jobs integration, to get the courier job included in Google search results when people look for a courier job.
  • City-specific pages for most popular cities. This boosts the ranking of the pages when people look for important keywords like ‘courier job in [city]’.
  • The Inside Track, a content hub with blogs to give more information on what it’s like to work as a courier for Just Eat Takeaway.com. The main goal of this is to give prospective couriers an even better idea of the job, but this of course helps to increase ranking on Google on job-specific keywords.

To check how well the pages perform in terms of SEO, all pages are frequently checked on Google’s Core Web Vitals using Pagespeed Insights.

Safe Data storage

We make sure this information is stored safely on Just Eat Takeaway.com’s own servers, and shared with other software that is used later on in the recruitment process - like Salesforce.

The reason we first store it on the servers instead of sending it directly to the software is because applicant information will then still be available in case of Salesforce downtime.

Measurement and monitoring

Measuring user behavior and monitoring the technical performance of the pages is very important, as they help to optimize the pages.

We use multiple tools to do this:

  • Tealium

    To gather information on user behavior on the pages.

  • Optimizely

    To run A/B tests on the pages, to see if improvements can be made to page structure and content.

  • Grafana

    To check technical performance of the site, to proactively signal problems on the sites, and to take care of any issues that may exist.

  • New Relic

    To track up- and downtime of the pages, and to immediately notify us in case of downtime.

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